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Uploading Pre-recorded Messages

During a campaign call, an agent can access and play pre-recorded messages defined for that campaign to ensure a uniform delivery of the campaign message to all customers. During Outbound Setup, you can upload a set of pre-recorded messages which can be accessed by campaigns. When you create a campaign, you can assign messages specific to the campaign.

Note: Supports audio files in wave format only.

To upload a pre-recorded message in Outbound Setup:

  1. Click Outbound Setup > Audio Files.

  2. Select Outbound Setup Files in the Directories section.
  3. Click Menu.
    The menu provides options to add, delete, or rename a folder. You can add files to folders only.

  4. Select Add Folder.
    You are prompted to enter a name for the new folder.

    Figure 119: Adding an Audio Folder

  5. Enter a folder name and select Create.
    The folder appears under the Outbound Setup Files.

    Note: Do not include special characters in the folder names.

  6. Select the folder, click the Menu, and select Add File option.

  7. Enter a Name and Description of the audio file.
  8. Click Choose File and select an audio file of the message to upload.

    Note: You can upload audio files in wave format only.

  9. Click Play Audio to play and check content of the message.

  10. Click Save. The audio file appears in the Audio File Items pane.


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