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Copying and Pasting IVR Script Objects

While defining or editing an IVR script, you have the flexibility to copy and paste IVR script objects reducing the time consumed in writing the script.You can use copy, paste icons to copy any part of the IVR tree and paste it to a desired area. You have to then apply the changes for them to take effect. Copy and Paste feature is especially useful if you introduce similar call treatments with slight variations. You can write once, copy as many times as you desire within the script.

To copy and paste a part of IVR object:

  1. Open a channel's IVR script.

  2. Select an object to copy.
  3. Click Copy link.
  4. Select an IVR tree node you wish to paste the copied object.
  5. Click Paste link. The segment is pasted immediately.
  6. Click Save to apply the changes


    Click Revert to remove all changes since the last save.


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