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Overview of Screen Pop

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Type of Screen Pops

In the Virtual Contact Center, Screen Pop describes the mechanism that enables a third-party CRM to display supplementary information in an HTML page that pops into the agent's browser.

The Configuration Manager screen pop feature directly supports the following CRM applications:

Overview of Screen Pop Event Types

Screen pops are triggered by events, or steps in the process of handling an interaction. There are three events that can cause a screen pop:

You can configure Screen Pop for one or all events.

Overview of Screen Pop Data Exchange

The following describes the sequence performed if you use the Integration page, Screen Pop tab, to enable the Virtual Contact Center to transmit a screen pop request to a third-party CRM.

  1. The Virtual Contact Center uses the information in the Integration page, Screen Pop tab, to transmit interaction parameters to the third-party CRM as an HTTP POST message.

    Table 62lists the information contained in the HTTP POST message.

    Table 62: Screen Pop parameters transmitted by Virtual Contact Center in HTTP POST message

    Screen Pop parameter Description


    The Virtual Contact Center channel name that received the interaction.


    The Virtual Contact Center queue name that received the interaction.


    For phone channels, the caller's ANI information.

    Wait Time

    The length of time this interaction waited before being accepted by an agent.


    Interaction status of offered, accepted, or completed.


    The Virtual Contact Center channel type of PHONE, VOICE MAIL, CHAT, or EMAIL.

    ExtVar1, ExtVar2

    Optional CRM-specific variables.

  2. The third-party CRM uses the received information to access its database, construct a popup message about the interaction, then transmit the popup message to the Agent Console processing the interaction.


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