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Defining Screen Pop Settings for External CRM


Defining Screen Pop Settings

To enable an external CRM integration for a tenant, you have to configure screen pop settings in the Configuration Manager. The configuration requires you to select a target CRM, specify events that trigger screen population of customer data, and specify Screen Pop window properties in the Configuration Manager. An agent has to then save the login credentials of the external CRM account in the agent’s profile. Integration enables searching for records containing phone data matching caller ID, and pops up the corresponding record/s for specific events.

The events triggering a Screen Pop may be one or all of the following:

Use the Integration page, Screen Pop tab, to configure the contents and appearance of the messages sent to the Web browser of on Agent Console associated with a particular interaction.

To display the Screen Pop page

  1. Click Integration > Screen Pop tab.

  2. Select the CRM of your choice from the available options:

  3. Configure the Screen Pop settings for the selected CRM.

    For details, refer to the summary of Screen Pop Configuration settings.

    Refer to the respective external CRM Integration - Configuration guide for detailed instructions on setting up the integration.

  4. Save your settings.


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