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Overview of Exchanging Data

The following describes the sequence performed if you use the Integration page, CRM API and CRM Triggers tabs, to enable the Virtual Contact Center and an external process to bi-directionally exchange customer, case, follow-up, or task data.

  1. An agent uses the Agent Console to update customer, case, follow-up, or task information contained in the internal CRM database.

    If in the Integration page, the CRM Triggers tab, a URL has been specified for that type of interaction, then the Virtual Contact Center transmits a formatted URL that includes the customer, case, or follow-up information.

    For information about the formatted strings transmitted by the Virtual Contact Center to an external process, see Summary of CRM Triggers Tab Options, on page 1

  2. The external process receives the formatted string, then uses the CRM API to read additional information about the interaction from the internal CRM database.

    For information about configuring the CRM API to enable an external process to access the Internal CRM database, see Configuring External CRM API Access , on page 1.

  3. The external process updates its database with the information read from the internal CRM.
  4. The external process sends the Internal CRM database any information required to synchronize the two databases.

    For example, the external process may use internal logic to revise the priority of the case.


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