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Summary of CRM API Tab Options

Table 59 summarizes the options available in the Integration page, CRM API tab. 

Table 59: Summary of Integration page, CRM API tab options

Integration, CRM API tab option Description

Enable CRM API Access

Select to enable a third-party process to access the Internal CRM database.

The third party process uses the credentials specified by the CRM API username and Password text entry areas, described later in this table.

CRM API username

Do not reuse an agent account name: Type a username created exclusively to service CRM API XML access to the Internal CRM database.

Password, Retype Password

Type the password required to access the Internal CRM database.

Used Identify

Select the Agent account name associated with activities performed by the CRM API.

In reports, interaction activity performed by the CRM API matches the value of Used Identify.

Access Rights

Choose the operations the third party process is allowed to perform on the Internal CRM.

  • Select Add to enable the third-party process to create a new CRM database record.
  • Select Modify to enable the third-party process to change an existing Internal CRM database record.
  • Select Get to enable the third party process to read the Internal CRM database record.

The Add, Modify, and Get permissions can be selected for each the following categories of local CRM database records:

  • Customers
  • Cases
  • Followups (No Modify option)
  • Tasks
  • FAQ

The access rights specified in the Access Rights list, described earlier in this table, specify which operations the CRM API is allowed to perform: The CRM API does not inherit the access rights of the agent specified in the Used Identify list.

The CRM API cannot delete data from the Internal CRM.


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