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Adding a New Schedule

The Intra Day Scheduling feature provides you the flexibility to create multiple schedules within a day, introduce multiple breaks without having to create nested schedules. You can select multiple call treatment choices to specify the desired call treatment in the IVR tree.

Creating a tenant schedule with the enhanced Intra Day Scheduler is simple and easy. The process involves:

  1. Gathering your contact center business hours, and breaks
  2. Gathering your special events and holidays schedule
  3. Defining a weekly schedule calendar
  4. Defining holidays and special events calendar
  5. Configuring call routing and call treatment choices

To better understand the process, let us create a sample schedule for our fictitious Contact Center, AcmeJets. The Sales team at AcmeJets observes the following schedule.

To create a weekly schedule:

  1. Log in to the Configuration Manager.
  2. Navigate to Home > Schedule.
  3. Add a new schedule or edit the Default Schedule.

    The Schedules tab has a Weekly Schedule calendar and a Special Events and Holidays calendar.

    Figure 9: Home > Schedules tab - Adding a New Schedule

  4. Enter a Schedule Name and select a time zone.
  5. Specify the Weekly Schedule for your contact center.

    For each weekday, select a time range and a call treatment choice specified in the IVR. A call treatment choice refers to a choice within a schedule which allows a time based selection of treatment choices when interactions enter a tenant. Call treatment choices for a schedule include:

  6. Select business hours for the week as follows:
    1. For Monday, enter 7:00 to 12:00 and choose Open from the drop down menu of call treatment choices.
    2. Add a row by clicking .
    3. Add lunch break hours from 12:00 to 13:00 hours and specify an option from choice 1 through 6 and set up this choice with desired call treatment in the IVR.

      For example, You can play a message for callers during the lunch hour. “Welcome to AcmeJets. We are currently closed for lunch between 12pm and 1 pm. Please leave a message with your name and account number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience”.

      Figure 10: IVR Tree with a Call Treatment Choice#1 for Sales Schedule

    4. Add another row by clicking .
    5. Add after lunch hours from 13:00 to 18:00 hrs.
    6. Repeat steps a to e to define daily schedule till Friday.
    7. Specify hours for Saturday with no lunch break.
    8. For Sunday, a weekly holiday, choose Closed for the day.

      Figure 11: Weekly schedule of AcmeJets

  7. Save your settings.

You have now successfully created your weekly schedule. The next step is to define exceptions to your weekly schedule in the Holidays and Special Events calendar on the right hand side panel of the Schedules tab. A holiday indicates the business closure, while a special event observes a schedule different from the regular weekly schedule.

To create holidays or exceptions to the regular schedule:

  1. In the Holidays and Special Events calendar on the right hand side panel of the Schedules tab, select the desired date and specify the exception.
  2. Save your settings.


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