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Uploading Audio Files

In a typical phone menu callers direct themselves to the desired destination using phone choices from the menu. The phone menu is driven by pre-recorded audio messages. Audio files serve to automate a contact center's phone menu.Virtual Contact Center allows you to upload customized messages to serve your contact center's needs.

To upload audio files:

  1. Navigate to Home > Audio Files tab.
  2. Select User folder in the Audio Files pane.
  3. Use the form in the Voice File Description area to upload, edit or review audio messages.

    Figure 7: Uploading an Audio File

  4. Enter a Name for the message you wish to upload.
  5. Enter a transcript or a brief description of the message in the Description box.
  6. Click Browse to select an audio file in WAV format.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click the Play Audio link to play back the uploaded message.

  9. Click Delete to remove the message from the tenant.

Note: To order professionally recorded messages, click the link at the bottom of the Voice Description Area. You are navigated to a service provider in professional voice recordings.

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