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Creating Agent Functional Groups

A Group is a collection of agents who report to a Supervisor. A single group may serve your entire call center or be dedicated to one or more products, services, or queues, or to a specific communication channel such as phone, or email, or chat. Use the Groups tab to create "containers" for agents who you want to manage on the basis of function, skill set, or some other categorization.

As a member of an agents group, you can view the status and availability of fellow group members in the status tab of your Agent Console session.

Using the Groups tab in the Configuration menu, you can:

Adding a Group

Adding a group is a two step process.

  1. Define group properties
  2. Assign Outbound Phone Codes

To add a new group:

  1. Select Groups tab from the Configuration menu.

  2. Click or Group link.

  3. Enter a group name and add comments.

    Figure 32: Adding a New Group

  4. Click Save to navigate to Outbound Phone Codes tab.

    Outbound Phone Codes offer a means to set a specific calling line identifier (caller ID) and to set an optional outbound queue for outbound calls from your tenant. Outbound Phone Codes also may be used to track the purpose of an outbound call.

    For details on the functionality and configuration of Outbound Phone Codes, , refer to Outbound Phone Codes Overview.

    Figure 33: Assigning an Outbound Phone Code list

  5. Assign a code list from an existing list.
  6. Click Save to successfully create a new group.

Editing a Group

To edit a group:

  1. Double click the desired group from the list view or click the Edit icon.

    Figure 34: Editing a Group Settings

  2. Make the desired changes and save.

Deleting a Group

Deleting a group with assigned members requires you to reassign the members of the group to another group.

To delete a group:

  1. Select a group, and click delete icon.

    Figure 35: Deleting a Group

    You are prompted to confirm your action. If the group has members, a message indicates the inability to delete the group.

  2. Reassign the members to another group and then delete the group.

    For details on how to reassign an agent to a different group, refer to Reassigning an Agent's Group Membership.

Reassigning an Agent's Group Membership

To reassign an agent to a different group:

  1. Click Agents from the Configuration menu.
  2. Select an agent from the agents list and click Edit icon.
  3. Assign the agent to a different group by selecting a group from the drop down menu.

  4. Click Save.


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