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Summary of Properties Tab Options

Table 51 summarizes the options available in the CRM page, Properties tab. 

Table 51: Summary of CRM page, Properties Tab Options

CRM, Properties Tab Description

Closed case - automatic re-opening time-limit :

Select the time interval that a closed case automatically re-opens within a specified time limit. Specify one of the three possible values listed below.

  • Never - Never opens a closed case automatically.
  • Always - Always re-opens a closed case in the event of a customer follow-up via email.
  • Time limit - Specifies the maximum amount of time a case can be closed for automatically re-opening. If a follow-up is received within the time limit, the case re-opens automatically. The case remains closed if a follow-up is received after the time limit.

    For Example, if you set the time limit to 10 days, a case that closed today can potentially be re-opened within the next ten days in the event of a customer follow-up by email. Once the time limit expires, the system creates a follow-up case, but won’t re-open the case.

Note: When you change parameter value, it takes effect immediately.

Automatically assign re-opened cases to next agent handling the case

If enabled, assigns re-opened cases to the next receiving agent automatically. Re-opened cases normally retain their previous agent assignment.

If disabled, assigns re-opened cases to the agent who handled the case previously.

Display cases and follow-ups using HTML when available


If enabled, supports HTML formatting during the following tasks:

  • Creating and editing case records.
  • Creating follow-up records.
  • Creating notification emails.

If disabled, an agent is restricted to plain text data while creating or notifying case and follow-up records.

Disable file open on clicking attachment If selected, the email attachment sent by the CRM customers cannot be open from within the Agent Console. The agents can still save the attachment but will be prevented from opening the insecure attachments.

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