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Summary of CRM Fields Properties

Click to add new custom fields in Customer Fields, Case Fields, Follow-up Fields, and Task Fields under CRM Fields tab.

summarizes the options available in the CRM page Field tab.

Table 49: Summary of CRM page, Fields Lists properties

CRM page, Fields Lists Properties Description

Data Type

Choose the type of data to add:

  • Text
  • URL
  • Number
  • Date
  • Pick List

As you select a data type, the Configuration Manager enables or disables Add Field options.

Note: Once you save a data type, you cannot change it.

Field Name

Type the name of the custom Field.

32 alphanumeric characters maximum.

Display Label

Type the label that the Virtual Contact Center displays for this field in the Agent Console.

32 alphanumeric characters maximum.

Default Value

For Text, URL, Number, and Date data types, type the default value of the CRM Field.

85 alphanumeric characters maximum.

Maximum Length

For Text, URL, and Number data types, type the maximum number of characters that an agent can type into this field. The value varies based on the data type of the field as follows:

  • Text: 85 characters
  • URL: 200 characters
  • Number: 255 characters

Value Should be Unique

For Text and Number data types. Select this option to require the Agent to supply a unique value for this field.

Read Only for Agents

Select to prevent non-supervisor Agents from modifying the value of this field.

Hidden from Agents

Select to hide this field on non-supervisor Agent Console.

Show on Customer View

This feature is not accessible via Customer Fields Tab.

Select to see this option to be visible in customer view.

Pick List Values

This option is available for Pick List data type only.

Click Edit Pick List Values from the drop down menu and enter desired values for pick list field. For example, if your pick list field is Car Type, your values could be Sedan, SUV, Van, and Pickup Truck.

Existing Records Value (N/A)

This option is available for Pick List data type only.

While adding pick list values, you can select one of the values for the existing customer records. This automatically populates existing records with the selected value visible on Agent Console.

Include this value in Pick List

This option is available for Pick List data type only.

This option includes the pick list value in the list.

Show as a tree

This option is available for Pick List data type only.

Selecting this option will present the choices in a tree (multi-level) format in Agent Console.

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