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Creating Transaction Codes

Creating a transaction code list involves:

To create a transaction code list:

  1. Click Transaction Codes tab from the navigation menu. The Home tab opens. 
  2. Click or Add. The Properties tab appears.

    Figure 135: Transaction Codes > Properties

  3. Enter the following properties for the transaction codes list. Some fields are required, while some are optional.

    Field Name Description
    Active Check the box to put this code list into service.

    Name (Required)

    Enter a name for the transaction code list.


    Enter a description for the transaction code list.


    Refers to a category of lists such as Sales, Marketing, or Support. Within a single category, you can group multiple transaction code lists. You can create a new category or add a list to an existing category.

    • Choose Edit Categories to create a new transaction code category
    • Choose an existing transaction code category
    Secondary Languages Select the languages to translate the codes to.

    Sort Order

    Refers to the order in which the codes within the list should be sorted when presented to an agent.

    • Choose Manual to enable you to list transaction codes in a specific order.
    • Choose Automatic to have the Virtual Contact Center sort transaction codes in alphabetical order


    Select to require the agent to select a transaction code from this transaction code list for all phone calls.


    Select this option to allow an agent to select multiple codes from transaction code list.

    Assignment Type

    Select an Agent Group or Queue to assign the list to. This option enables the members of the group or queue to access the list during phone calls.

    Primary Language (Required)

    Select a language in which the codes are written primarily. This information is required to create a list.

    Note: After saving the list, you cannot change the Primary Language setting.

    For more information about using the Primary Language list, see Defining Properties of Transaction Code Lists , on page 1.

    Admin Notes

    Type information that enables administrators to understand the purpose of this transaction code list.

  4. Click Save to save the properties.

    The Codes tab opens. The Codes tab allows you to define individual transaction codes in the list.

  5. Click or Add to create a new code.

  1. Enter Menu Text, Report Text, and Short Code.
  2. Repeat steps 5 to 6 to create multiple codes.

    Figure 136: Multiple Codes created

  3. Select Save to save the codes.

    The Translations tab opens. This tab displays all codes defined in your primary language and allows you to translate them to a secondary language of your choice. You should have specified a secondary language in the Properties tab to enable translation. This procedure is optional.

  4. Enter Menu Text, Report Text, and Short Code in the secondary language.

  5. Select Save to save the translated codes.

    The Assignments tab opens. This tab enables you to select agent groups or queues to assign the code list to. Based on your choice of Assignment Type in the Properties tab, the list of agent groups or queues set up in the tenant show up.

  6. Select an agent group or a queue from the list.


    Select Assign All check box to assign all groups or queues in the list.

  7. Click Save to complete the code list definition.

Note: A transaction code list is not functional until activated and assigned.


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