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Overview of Configuration Manager Interface

The Configuration Manager organizes the user interface into three functional areas as shown here.

Figure 6: Configuration Manager user interface

Table 2describes the Configuration Manager describes the user interface functional areas.

Table 2: Summary of Configuration Manager functional areas

Functional Area Description

1: Configuration menu

Use the Configuration menu to select a Configuration Manager page.

The pages listed in the Configuration menu vary depending on your Virtual Contact Center features and subscription.

2: Configuration tabs

Each Configuration Manager tab contains user interface elements you use to configure a particular configuration task.

This guide includes tables that summarize the options available in each Configuration Manager tab.

3: Header Bar
  • My Profile—Allows the role based administrator to can change password and set up a security question using this link. For more information refer to How to change the role base administrator password.
  • Co-browsing—Allows Virtual Contact Center customers using Configuration Manager to seek hands-on assistance from 8x8 customer support or deployment team. To initiate a co-browsing session from Configuration Manager:
    1. Click Co-browsing link.
    2. In the pop-up window, generate a code that helps you establish a secure connection with the customer support agent.
    3. Communicate the code you just generated to the agent.
  • Help—Opens link to FAQ and documentation guides.
  • Logout—Logs you out of the Virtual Contact Center.



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