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Designing a Chat Form

A chat form can be of two types: Pre-Chat Survey form or Offline form.

You can use the default form or create a custom form. To create a custom form, you can copy the default form and make desired changes or create a new form from scratch.

Pre-Chat Survey Form

A Pre-Chat survey form can include questions with open-ended answers or pre-set answers. Designing a pre-chat form is a two-step process.

To create a custom pre-chat form:

  1. Log in to Configuration Manager.
  2. Navigate to Chat Design.
  3. Select Form tab.
  4. Click or Pre-Chat link.

  1. Enter Name and Description of the new form.
  2. Select a Format from the following choices:
  1. Enter the question.

  2. Select if the question is mandatory.
  3. Enter an Identifier. The identifier helps connect or map user collected data from pre-chat forms across multiple languages.
  4. Note: When editing an existing question, select the question and then enter an identifier. Identifier does not apply to the Translation Format .

  5. Click Add.
  6. Repeat steps 6 to 11 to add more questions.
  7. After adding all questions, click Next>> to define the visual details of the form.

  1. Add the desired visual requirements such as Window Title, background color, font color.
  1. Click Save. Your custom pre-chat form is now ready.

Offline Form

The Offline Form is meant to interface with visitors who wish to send a message when the chat channel is offline. To create a custom Offline form, add desirable questions on the form and design the visual interface of the form.


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