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Configuring Voice, Email, and Chat Channels

A channel facilitates communication of interactions in and out of a Virtual Contact Center tenant. Virtual Contact Center uses skill based routing rules to place interactions to the appropriate queues.

Virtual Contact Center supports interactions of all media:

Virtual Contact Center provisions dedicated phone, email, and chat channels to a tenant. Additionally, you can configure existing phone numbers and email addresses to function as Virtual Contact Center channels.

Use the Channels summary page to select a channel to add, edit, or delete.

If you clicked Add or Edit, the Configuration Manager displays the channel's details page. In the channels details page, tabs enable you to completely configure the channel.

The following topics are discussed in this chapter:

To access the Channels pages:

  1. In the Configuration menu click Channels to display a list of channels.

    Figure 85: Channels overview page

  2. In the list of channels:


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