Defining Email Script

Use the Scripts tab to create or edit the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) script used to route incoming email interactions to the correct Email Queue.

To create or edit an email script:

  1. Select Scripts from the configuration menu.

  2. Click or Email link.

  3. Enter the following properties for the script.

Table 77: Summary of Email Script, Properties tab options

Email Script Properties Description
Script Type A read-only reminder of the script type. It displays if it is a phone, chat, or email script.

Script name

A unique name for the script


A category helps you to organize your scripts better. For example, if you have multiple scripts serving Support and Sales needs, you can group scripts under separate categories.

Select an existing category or create a new one.

To create a new category:

  1. Select Edit Categories option from the drop down menu.
  2. In the Category dialog box, add a new category by clicking .
Copy script from Choose this option to place a copy of the default or an existing IVR script into this channel.


Add comments for additional notes if desired.

This script is enabled

Select to place this script definition into service.

Assign new channels

You can assign multiple channels to a script.

To assign new channels,

  1. Click on the link to bring up the channels list.
  2. Select desired channels from the list.
  3. Click Assign.
  1. Click Save to navigate to the Script tab, where you define the script.

    1. Click Email Routing. The [ add] link appears.

    1. Add the desired primitives.

    2. Click Save. For a primer on writing IVR scripts, refer to the guide on Automated Call Processing Rules.

    3. To undo the changes click Revert.

    4. To design Phone and Chat scripts select Phone or Chat and then follow steps 3 to 7.

    When creating or modifying an email script, in the email channel's Properties tab, clear This script is enabled. This ensures that Virtual Contact Center does not run an incomplete email script. After completing the script, re-enable the email script.

For more information about the Email Channel, Properties tab, see Configuring Email Channel Preferences, on page 1.


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