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Customizing a Wallboard

You can customize a wallboard based on your business requirements. You can:

Customizing Metrics

If you need more stats than what is readily available, you can build custom fields by defining custom queries. For example, if you wish to track agents unable to answer interactions at a given time, you can define a custom field as follows.

Number of agents Busy = Offered + Processing + Post-processing

To define a custom field:

  1. Click + or Custom Field link.
  2. Enter the custom field details:

    Field Name Description
    Display Name The custom field name that displays on the wallboard
    Description A brief description of the metrics
    Field Type Select a data type from a choice of Number, Seconds, and Percent Note: The data type of custom field must match the data type of deriving fields.
    Field Definition

    Based on the requirements:

    1. Select from the available fields drop down or enter a number value.
    2. Select an operator -,+, -, *, /
    3. Select another field or enter a number value

      Note: You can add any number of arguments.

Customizing Threshold

Within each media, you can set up a custom threshold for each queue to suit your requirement. If the waiting time for an interaction in a queue exceeds 2 minutes, set up a first level threshold alert. If the time exceeds 3 minutes, set up an emergency alert. On breaching thresholds, wallboard gives corresponding alerts.

Customizing threshold is a two-step process.

  1. Set up a custom threshold with desired values and alert.
  2. Apply this threshold to desired queues.

On running a wallboard with custom threshold, the alerts trigger on breaching the threshold for the selected queues.

To set up a Custom threshold:

  1. Navigate to the desired wallboard.
  2. Click the Threshold tab.
  3. Click or custom threshold link.
  4. Enter a name.
  5. From the list of fields, select a field.
  6. Using the right parameters, specify a threshold value.
  7. Select a color from the color chart to pop a colored background to the data.
  8. Select a sound alert from the drop down.
  9. Add more fields as desired.

    Figure 139: Defining a custom threshold

  10. Save the custom threshold.

  11. From the Queues tab, select the desired queue and apply the custom threshold from the drop down selections.


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