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Managing Customers, Cases, Follow-Ups, and Tasks

8x8 Virtual Contact Center  provides customer and case management capabilities with its Internal CRM. The Internal CRM provides a model for managing the contact center's interactions with customers. The Internal CRM stores the contact center's customer, case, and follow-up data.

Virtual Contact Center's phone, chat, and email scripting can use information about an incoming interaction, such as a phone number or a case number or an email ID, to locate and display a customer or case record contained in the Internal CRM.  

Agents can use the Internal CRM to record and manage customers, cases, follow-up activities, and tasks.

To manage customer relationships, the Internal CRM provides the following hierarchy of standard objects:


A customer object allows creating customer instances with unique Account numbers. A customer record stores information such as name, address, phone numbers, and offers the capability to customize the customer object with custom fields.


A case object describes customer’s feedback, queries, or issues. Agents can create cases to systematically track and solve customer’s issues. Agents can quickly create, update, and view cases. They may indicate the status of a case as open or closed. The standard definition of a case allows adding additional attributes to a case by stating the status, visibility, severity, priority.

For example, a support agent at AcmeJets creates a case when a customer calls in reporting scheduling issues with private jets. The support agent captures and records the customer reported issue by creating a case.


A case may have multiple follow-ups before it is resolved. Each communication regarding the case from its creation until it is closed may be recorded as individual follow-up instances. This may include notes as well as email communications regarding the case. The Follow-up object allows tracking how a case is resolved by creating multiple follow-up records .


A Task refers to a call, an email, a meeting, a chat or any other type of contact made with a customer. A task organizes and helps agents track all interactions associated with a customer. The task object serves to create, and manage all tasks agents plan to perform or have performed, such as making calls or sending mails. For example, agents can create a task to schedule a phone call to a customer, and set a reminder. A reminder pops up a few minutes before the scheduled call.

Integrating with External CRM

The Virtual Contact Center also supports integration with external CRMs, such as NetSuite and If your Agent Console integrates with an external CRM, your contact center supervisor will provide you with the information you need to use the CRM to manage your customers, cases, and follow-up activities.


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