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Creating New Chat Channels

To configure a new chat channel:

  1. In the Configuration menu click Channels.

    Configuration Manager displays a list of channels (Figure 85).

  2. In the list of chat channels, click or Chat.

    Figure 97: Chat channel page, Properties tab

  3. Enter or select the following values for a chat channel:

    1. Name: a name for the chat channel
    2. Description: Summary of the purpose of the chat channel
    3. Chat Script: If you have already defined a chat script, select the script from the list. If not, proceed to save the properties. The script defines the behavior from the time a website visitor enters the website, initiates and completes a chat. For details on chat script, refer to Enhanced Chat Script.
    4. Check the enable option to enable a chat channel into service.
  4. Click Save.


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