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Specifying CRM Properties for Agents

Access to the data allows agents and supervisors to manage cases, customers, and tasks. The Internal CRM tab allows you to define an agent's ability to view, create, edit, and delete cases, customers,and tasks.

To define an agent's permissions to CRM data:

  1. Click Internal CRM tab.

  2. Assign the desired permissions to the agent.

    Table 15: Summary of Agents page, Internal CRM tab options

    Internal CRM tab option Description


    Select or change permissions to enable for case data.

    • View Case
    • Create Case
    • Edit Case
    • Delete Case
    • Create a Follow-up
    • Change Status

    Permissions to view, create, edit cases and create a follow up are granted by default and cannot be edited, while permissions to delete a case and changing the status of a case can be edited.

    Note: To revoke or edit the default permissions for case, you have to unsubscribe the agent from all queues to avoid any conflict.Configuring Internal CRM , on page 1


    Select or change permissions to view, modify, and delete customers data.

    • View Customer
    • Create Customer
    • Edit Customer
    • Delete Customer



    Select or change from the following permissions to define an agent's access to Task data.

    • View Task
    • Create Task
    • Edit Task
    • Delete Task
    • Change Status

    For more information about configuring the CRM, see

    Configuring Internal CRM , on page 1

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