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Defining a Search Filter

A campaign cal list can be filtered based on a custom search query. You can define a custom query, and generate a custom call list based on specific CRM fields and values under the CRM object.

In the Campaigns page, Filter tab allows you to define a custom search query. You can validate a query by test running the query.

Note: You cannot alter a campaign filter after initiating the campaign.

To define search criteria for a campaign:

  1. Click Search tab for a campaign.

    Figure 123: Campaigns page, Filter Tab

  2. Select a field name from the drop down list and enter a value. You can nest multiple search criteria to create a complex query.
  3. Click + to nest search criteria. An example query shown below retrieves customer records with Credit Rating greater than 700, and Expense in the last 6 months greater than 30000, and Expense in the last year greater than 100000, and with an Income Range between 3 and 4.

    Figure 124: Campaigns page, Search tab

  4. Click Test to validate the search criteria. If the test passes, you have defined a valid filter. If the test fails, check for any errors and redefine the filter.
  5. Click Save.


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