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Assigning Codes at the Agent Level

While defining an Outbound Phone Code List, the Assignment tab allows you to assign the code list to existing agent groups thereby assigning members of the group to the code list. But, you have the flexibility to assign a different code list to an agent.

To assign an Outbound Phone Code list at the agent level:

  1. Click Agents tab from the navigation menu.
  2. Select the specific agent from the list.
  3. Go to Phone tab.
  4. In Outbound Calling, select the desired code list from the selection of Outbound Phone Codes.

    Note: The Default to Group [GroupName] shows the agent's group assigned to a code list. The agent is assigned to the list automatically and NONE Removes the agent from the default code list assignment.

    Note: Outbound Phone Code Lists assigned at the agent level override group level settings.

  1. Click Save.


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