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Assigning Scripts to Channels

A chat script defines the behavior from the time a website visitor enters the website, initiates and completes a chat. For details on chat script, refer to Enhanced Chat Script. For a chat channel to be operational, you must link it to a chat script that defines the chat flow process.

A phone IVR script refers to the capability of guiding inbound callers through the options to self direct themselves to the desired destination within the contact center. For details on IVR script, refer to Defining an IVR Script.

An Email script is used to route incoming email interactions to the correct email queue. For details on email script, refer to Defining an email script.

You can assign a script to the channel in two ways:

Using Scripts

  1. In the Configuration menu, navigate to Scripts.
  2. Select and open a script from the list.
  3. In the Properties tab, click Assign New Channels link.

    List of existing channels appears.

  4. Select a desired channel and click Assign.

Using Channels

  1. Navigate to Channels.
  2. Select a channel from the list and double click to edit.
  3. In the Properties tab, select a script and click Save.


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