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Assigning Agents to Queues


All interactions flowing into the Virtual Contact Center are channeled through queues. The queues in turn direct them to agents based on the skill level and availability. An agent has to be a member of a queue to receive any interaction from the queue.

The Queues tab allows you to assign the selected agent to previously defined phone, email, chat, and voice mail queues. Once assigned, the agent receives Interactions channeled through these queues.

To define queue assignments:

  1. Click the Queues tab.

    Figure 42: Agents page, Queues tab

  2. Assign the agent to the desired queues.

    Table 14: Summary of Agents page, Queues tab options

    Queues tab option Description

    Assign All

    Enable All

    Select the option to assign an agent to all the available queues defined in the tenant.

    Enables interactions from all queues automatically on assigning.

    Selection check box

    For custom queue assignments, select individual queues, specify the agent's skill level, and assign.

    You can assign agents to queues at the same time you create the queue. For information about assigning agents to a phone queue as part of queue creation, see Selecting Phone Queue Members , on page 1. The same concept applies to all other types of Virtual Contact Center queues.

    Skill Level

    Refers to the skill level of the agent. An agent's skill level may be High, Medium, or Low.

    The skill level determines the routing of calls within a queue. Virtual Contact Center attempts to direct interactions to an agent with a higher skill levels before directing them to an agent with a lower skill level.


    If checked, assigns an agent to the selected queue and automatically enables interactions from the queues.


    Allows the agent to receive interactions from a selected queue.

  3. Click Save to save your settings.

    The next step is to define supervisor privileges for the agent.


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