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Configuring Agent Identification and Preferences

An agent account requires login credentials to log in to the Agent Console. The General tab allows the administrator to specify an agent's user information including the agent login credentials, email address, group assignment and more.

To add an agent:

  1. Click Agents from the configuration menu.
  2. Configure an agent account by defining the settings explained in the following sections.

To define agent identification and preferences:

  1. Click Agents tab in the Configuration Menu.

    The list view appears listing all existing agents.

  2. In the list view, click Agent to add a new agent.

    The General tab opens.

  3. Enter the following information.

    Table 12: Summary of Agent page, General tab options

    General tab option Description
    Enabled If selected, allows the agent to log in to Agent Console using the agent's user name and password.

    First Name

    Enter the agent's first name.

    Last Name

    Enter the agent's last name.

    Email Address

    Enter the email address the Virtual Contact Center uses to send agents copies of their direct access voicemail messages.

    Software Language

    Choose the language used by the Agent Console interface.


    Enter the account name the agent must use to log into the Agent Console.

    Agent user names are case sensitive: When an agent logs into his or herAgent Console, she must use the same combination of upper and lower-case characters as those in the Username text entry area.

    Retype Password

    Enter the password the agent must use to log into the Agent Console.

    After logging in to theAgent Console for the first time, an agent can use the My Profile page to change his or her password.

    Contact center administrators can use the Password text entry areas to change or reset an agent's password.


    Enter a description of the agent.

    Enable Agent's My Recording Functionality

    It allows agent's My Recording Functionality in the Agent Console. This option is not available for the new agent accounts.

    Agent Group

    Select the agent's group assignment such as Sales, Support, Marketing, etc.

    Interaction offer timeout


    Specify the duration, in seconds, an agent is offered an interaction before the interaction times out. After the specified time, the agent status changes to Take Break automatically.

    Agent Primary Language Select agent's primary language. If the agent speaks the same language as customer's, he can choose to handle the conversation without the aid of the translation tool.
    Agent Secondary Language Select agent's secondary languages. If the chat request is in one of these languages, agents can chat in the requested language.

    Status-change Coding


    Indicates the agent has no status code list assigned while defining a new agent.

    Note:If an existing agent is assigned with a code list, the code list name shows here.

    Allow agents to change Enable/Disable settings in Assigned Queues

    Control an agent's ability to change queue assignment from the agent profile.

    Allow agents to pull e-mails from queue

    By default, the Virtual Contact Centerpresents emails to agents on the basis of first-in-first-out. To enable agents to selectively pull email messages from their email queues, select Allow agents to pull e-mails from queue.

    Allow agents to Delete pending e-mails If disabled, agents are prevented from deleting pending emails in Agent Console. By default, agents have the privileges to delete pending emails.

    Enable Collaborate

    To enable the Agent to use the Collaborate feature to connect to customer computers for purposes of providing hands-on assistance, select Enable Collaborate. If enabled, disables Option menu from the control panel during an interaction.

    Enable and show options menu button

    The Options menu in the Agent Console gives access to transaction codes, dial pad, and call recording options during a call. Select Enable and show options menu button. If selected, it shows the Options menu during a call.

  4. Click Save.


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