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Configuring an Agent Account

Defining an agent in Virtual Contact Center requires setting up account information, setting up phone connectivity details, outbound calling preferences, assigning queues, assigning supervisor privileges, and ability to view case and contact management data.

Using the Agents tab in the Configuration menu, you can:

Adding an Agent

Adding an agent involves:

  1. Defining agent account properties
  2. Configuring the phone connection
  3. Assigning agents to queues
  4. Assigning supervisor privileges
  5. Defining access to case and contact management data
  6. Defining the number of concurrent chat interactions an agent can handle

To access the Agents page:

  1. In the Configuration menu click Agents to display a list of agents.

    Figure 41: Home Page, Agents tab 

  2. In the list view:
  3. After configuring agent settings, click Save to apply the changes.

    If you navigate away from a Configuration Manager tab without saving changes, the changes are lost.


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