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Specifying Supervisor Rights to an Agent

You can grant special privileges to an agent and allow agents to perform as supervisors of Virtual Contact Center. A supervisor has all the rights of an agent in addition to the ability to:

In addition to supervisory features, agent supervisors may choose to perform, or at least guide and validate the use of, certain operations, such as agent profile configuration, that agents have access to. These include the following agent-optional features:

The Supervisor tab allows you to grant supervisor privileges to an agent, and allow permissions to monitor groups, queues and campaigns.

To enable supervising ability for an agent:

  1. Click the Supervisor tab.

    Configuration Manager displays the available options for a supervisor.

    Figure 43: Agents page, Access tab

  2. Check the option This user is supervisor.

    Additionally, you can enable the following options:

To specify groups, or queues, or campaigns to supervise:

  1. Select the corresponding tab from Queues, Groups, or Campaigns.

  2. Select Assign All to assign all the listed entries.


  3. Make individual selections.

    Figure 44: Assigning Supervisor Rights to an agent

    You can also sort or filter entries in the list.

  4. Click Save.


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