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Customer-to-Agent Chat

As an agent you can chat with up to six customers. When a customer chat arrives in the queue, it is offered to the available agent who has been waiting for the longest time.

Before you start:

  1. Log in to the Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions..
  2. Click Available.
  3. Go to Profile in the main menu.
  4. In QueueA queue is an ordered collection of interactions waiting to be served by agents qualified to respond to these interactions. In addition to enabling the call center administrator to customize how incoming interactions are prioritized and routed, queues also ensure that interactions are never lost or discarded. Assignment go to Chat tab an d check if you are assigned to the right chat queue.

To process a customer chat:

  1. In Agent Console, when a new chat is offered, click to go to the chat window.
  2. Click to accept the chat. The tab changes to indicating the number of active chats waiting.
  3. If it is an existing customer, the chat list gets updated with the customer information.
  4. The customer's detailed record also opens in a new tab.
  5. Type your message in the chat window and click Send.

    Note: Click to open a chat window. The title bar in the popout chat window shows customer nickname, last name, first name, email ID. If it is a new customer, it shows Transaction ID.

  1. Status icons indicate if customer has sent you a message and waiting for your response. If the customer waiting time exceeds SLA, an alert icon in red shows up in the chat list. For details refer to Table 1: Multi-Chat Indicators.

  1. To accept a second incoming chat, click Accept. The customer chat list gets updated automatically.

  1. Open the chat window as desired. When you are done chatting, terminate the chat session by clicking End.
  2. To save the chat transcription, click  and select Save from the menu.

  1. Click End Post Processing to complete the session.

    Note: The customer name remains in the chat list while the post processing window is open. Closing the pop-out chat windows closes the window but does not end the chat.


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