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Retrieving Agent Call Recordings

As a supervisor, you can listen in on active calls handled by agents, who you supervise. You can access and play back call recordings from the [=tab. With the ability to filter and search, you can get to the call recording you are looking for quickly. Call recordings are displayed in graphical waveform to quickly view and navigate to specific areas of recorded conversation.

The advanced search allows you to look up recordings based on transaction id, contact (phone number), start date, and duration. For example, you can search for all recordings specific to a customer in the last week.

To play call recordings:

  1. Click the Playback tab in the Monitoring window.

    A list of all call recordings shows.

  2. To filter, click Filter link.
  3. Specify the filtering parameters such as agents, queues, or channels.

    Figure 108: Filtering Call Recordings

  4. To search, click Search link and look up by transaction id, contact(phone number), start date, and duration. For example, you can look for all recordings pertaining to a customer in the last week.
  5. Click the desired recording for a waveform display. You can click on the waveform and navigate easily.

    Figure 109: Waveform Display of Call Recording

Note: Mouse driven waveform display requires HTML 5 compliant browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer does not support browser embedded playback.

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