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Logging an Agent Out

If an agent forgot to log out at the end of the day, you can log the agent out of Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions.using the Monitoring feature. You can log out only the agents supervised by you.

To log an agent out of Agent Console:

  1. Log in to the Agent Console as a supervisor.

    Only AgentAgents use the Agent Console to view and manage customer interactions. Virtual Contact Center supports Regular agents and Supervisor agents. SupervisorAn agent with the supplementary privileges required to create FAQ categories and answers, monitor agent interactions in progress, listen to recordings of previous interactions, and create reports for the agents groups they supervise. accounts can access the Agent Supervisor Console log out feature.

  2. Navigate to the Agent Management tab in Monitoring. Click Monitor link in the header area.

    Figure 110: Agent Supervisor Console Monitoring page,

    In the list of agents, the Agent Supervisor Console displays a Logout icon next to agents who are currently logged in.

  3. Click the Logout icon.

    The Agent Supervisor Console logs the agent out, then updates the agent's status to Logged Out.

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