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Creating an FAQ Category

FAQ categories serve as containers for one or more FAQ answers. Before you can create the first FAQ, you must create the containing category.

To create an FAQ category:

  1. Log in to AgentAgents use the Agent Console to view and manage customer interactions. Virtual Contact Center supports Regular agents and Supervisor agents. SupervisorAn agent with the supplementary privileges required to create FAQ categories and answers, monitor agent interactions in progress, listen to recordings of previous interactions, and create reports for the agents groups they supervise. Console.

    Note: The privilege to create and edit FAQs is limited to Agent Supervisors.

  2. From the Control Panel menu, select FAQ.

    The Agent Supervisor Console displays the Frequently Asked Questions window.

    Figure 86: Frequently Asked Questions window

  3. In the Frequently Asked Questions window, click +New Category.

    The Agent Supervisor Console displays the Add FAQ Category dialog box.

    Figure 87: Add FAQ Category dialog box

  4. In the Add FAQ Category dialog box:

  5. Click OK.

    The new FAQ category appears in the list of FAQ categories.

Editing or Deleting an FAQ Category

To edit an existing FAQ category:

  1. Navigate to the FAQ window in Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions..
  2. Click the Edit Category link.
  3. The Edit Category dialog box opens.
  4. Make the desired changes in the category and save.

Figure 88: Editing or Deleting FAQ Category

To delete a category:

  1. Select the desired category.
  2. Click the Delete this Category link in the header area.

    You are prompted to confirm the delete action.

Note: If the category contains FAQ responses, you must first delete all the FAQs within the category before deleting the category.


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