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Checking Agent and Queue Status

The status tab in the Control Panel provides real time status about the number of interactions waiting to be served in a queue, the longest waiting interaction in a queue, the number of eligible agents in busy state, and the status of fellow agents. Supervisors can check the status of queues and agents they supervise, communicate with agents instantly through chat or call.

The Status tab organizes the status of queues and agents in separate tabs:

Ability to Search

Search and retrieve status about a specific queue or an agent instantly. Search is not case sensitive.

Ability to Filter

Filter queue status information by queue type and queue member status. View the status of queues:

Similarly, you can filter agents based on agent group affiliation and current status. Status may be one or all of the following:

Defining Favorites

Bookmark agents you contact often and queues used often and track their status every time you log in with just a click on the Favorites tab.

For example, you are one of the five managers in AcmeJets Support agent group. You manage seven team members out of the 50 members belonging to the group. You can mark these seven team members as your favorites and monitor their status with just a click rather than sifting through the status of the whole team.

Figure 9: Defining Favorites

Tracking Recents

Using the Recents tab,

Click to Chat or Call

With just a single click, you can call or chat with an agent from the status tab. In the Status tab for agents, right click an agent in the panel for a context sensitive pop-up menu with options to:


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