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Resetting your Supervisor Password

If you forget your password to log in to Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions., you do not have to contact your supervisor or administrator to reset the password. You can reset your password automatically by providing your User name and TenantYour unique and secure contact center instance running on a 8x8 platform. You use the Configuration Manager to create and configure all aspects of your contact center's resources and operational behaviors, including groups, incoming channels, queues, agents, routing scripts, skills, monitoring, recording, and reporting. name. The new password is sent to the email address specified in your agent profile. If you have set up a security question and answer in your profile, a link to the security question is emailed to you. On answering the question correctly, you will receive the reset password in an email. This additional step proves that the person requesting to reset the password is the one assigned to the agent account.

To reset your password:

  1. Click Forgot Password in the login screen.

    Figure 3: Agent Console Login

    A dialog box appears prompting for User name.

  2. Enter user name exactly as you would for logging in to the Agent Console (user name can be in one of the two forms: [email protected]_id or agent_id, if the tenant id is provided as a parameter in the login URL. Please confirm with your administrator.) and click Continue.

    Figure 4: Reset Password - User Name and Tenant Name Prompt

    A message indicates a new password is sent to your email address with the required information to proceed.

  3. Open your email and click the link in the email. A dialog box opens prompting for an answer to your security question.

    Figure 5: Reset Password - Security Question Prompt

    Note: If you have not set up a security question and answer in your profile, you will receive a reset password in the email.

  4. Enter your answer to the security question. If you answered the question right, a message including a reset password is emailed to you.
  5. Open your email to obtain the system generated reset password.

Logging in with Reset Password

You are allowed to use reset password to log in to Agent Console only once. Upon logging in to the Agent Console with your reset password, you are prompted to change the password. If you fail to change the password, you will be automatically logged out.

To log in with the reset password:

  1. Open your email to obtain the system generated reset password.
  2. Log in to Agent Console with the reset password. You are logged in successfully and prompted for changing the password.

    Figure 6: Logging with Reset Password

  3. Enter a new password and click Change to proceed with the login.


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