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External CRM Setup Summary

The following table summarizes External CRM set up options in the AgentAgents use the Agent Console to view and manage customer interactions. Virtual Contact Center supports Regular agents and Supervisor agents. Profile.

Table 2: Agent Profile > External Setup Options

Functional Area Description

Authentication Tab

  • External username: Enter the Username or login ID to log in to your external CRM.
  • External Password:Enter the password to login to your external CRM.

Screen Properties Tab

Note:This tab enabled only if the tenant administrator grants access.

  • Open new window for Screen PopThe Screen Pop component of the Virtual Contact Center Integrations enables third-party CRMs to display information in the Agent Desktop. See also, Computer Telephony Integration.-up

    This option allows agents to view Screen Pop of interactions in a standalone pop up window instead of opening new tabs within theAgent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions..

    If an interaction is connected to multiple records, a tab opens listing all matching records. You can click on a record to view the record details.

    If the option is disabled, launches the native CRM URL within the Agent Console. Along with this option, two more options are available:

  • Use single window only: This option displays the Screen Pop in a new window and refreshes the same window to show new contact and call log information.

    If disabled, launches new contact and call log information in new windows.

  • Hide result listing for single search result: If an interaction fetches multiple matching records, a browser tab lists all matching records in a tabular format. Clicking on a record shows the record details.

    If this option is enabled, an interaction fetching a single matching record opens the record details in a new window and hides the result listing tab as shown below.

    If this option is disabled, the matching single record lists in a tab in addition to opening in a new window.

Window Properties Tab

Note: This tab is enabled only if the tenant administrator grants access

Show toolbar:

  • Selecting Yes displays the Internet Explorer toolbar at the top of the stand-alone popup window.
  • Selecting No displays the window without the Internet Explorer toolbar.

Note: Show toolbar is not supported on IE9.

Size and Position:

  • In the width and height text entry areas, enter the size of the screen pop window in pixels.
  • In the top and left text entry areas, enter the screen position of the screen pop's upper-left corner in pixels.



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