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Inserting FAQ Responses into Emails

If your contact center maintains an FAQ knowledge base, you can extract relevant data from the knowledge base and insert these FAQ responses in an email response to customers. Using these FAQ responses minimizes agents' time in finding the right information and maintains consistent delivery of information.

You can insert FAQs in an email by referring to shortcuts or by browsing and searching through the FAQ knowledge base. Referring to shortcuts requires prior definition of shortcuts for an FAQ item.

To insert an FAQ response in an email using shortcuts:

  1. Enter the shortcut for the desired FAQ.
  2. Click Insert FAQ.

    Full text of FAQ response inserts in the email body.

    Figure 42: Inserting an FAQ response using shortcuts

To insert an FAQ by browsing through the knowledge base:

  1. Click Browse FAQ link.
  2. Search and locate the desired FAQ.
  3. Insert the content as a link or full text by selecting the right option.

    The links or full text content of the selected FAQ items insert in the email body.

    Figure 43: Inserting an FAQ response in an email

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