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Inserting FAQ Responses into Chat Interactions

If your contact center maintains an FAQ knowledge base, you can extract relevant data from the knowledge base and insert these FAQ responses in a live chat session to assist customers. Using these FAQ responses minimizes agents' time in finding the right information and maintains consistent delivery of information.

During a chat session, you can refer to the FAQs by shortcuts or by navigating to the FAQ knowledge base. Referring to shortcuts requires prior definition of shortcuts while creating an FAQ.

To insert an FAQ response during a live chat session:

  1. Select FAQ option from the Control Panel.
  2. Search for the relevant information by keywords, or FAQ category.
  3. After finding the relevant FAQ, click Send in current chat link.

    Figure 38: Inserting FAQ in a live chat

    The FAQ content is instantly communicated to the customer.

To insert an FAQ shortcut:

Inserting an FAQ by shortcut requires you to know the shortcuts beforehand. Each shortcut is linked to an FAQ item it is defined for. If you do not remember the shortcut, you can navigate to the FAQ Knowledge base.

  1. During a live chat, enter the FAQ shortcut that refers to the information customer is looking for in the Shortcut entry window.
  2. Click Insert FAQ.

    A link to the FAQ inserts in the chat interaction window.

  3. Click Send to communicate this information to the customer participating in the chat.

    Figure 39: Inserted FAQ in a chat


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