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Creating and Editing Customer Records

You can create a new customer record at any time using the New Customer link in the Customers tab provided your administrator has granted the privileges. During an interaction processing, Virtual Contact CenterA contact center that enables agents to be located in different geographical locations yet managed as if they were located in the same physical location. searches the Local CRM for existing matching data. In the absence of matching customer records, agents are prompted to enter a new record through the screen pop.

This section describes the use of the default customer fields. Depending on how your contact center administrator has configured your Local CRM, the customer creation tool may display additional customer fields.

To create a customer record:

  1. Click New Customer link in the Customers tab.

    The Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. displays the Create New Customer page.

    Figure 52: Agent Console, Create New Customer page

  2. In the Create New Customer page, in the First Name and Last Name text entry areas, type the customer's first and last name.

    You must specify the customer's first and last name before you can save the new customer record.

  3. In the Email text entry area, type the customer's email address.

    Each customer email address must be unique: To prevent a single customer email address from receiving multiple Support CenterIn Configuration Manager, use the Support Center page to create customer-facing support Web page for your contact center, and specify the contact -- FAQs, desktop sharing, chat, email -- available from that page. access credentials, the Agent Console uses the Internal CRM to verify the uniqueness of each customer email address.

    The Agent Console uses the customer's email address to send the customer their optional Support Center access credentials.

  4. To require that the customer specify an account number and password to access the contact center's Support Center, perform the following:

    1. Select Restrict customer's access to Support Center.
    2. To specify the customer's Support Center password yourself, in the Password text entry area type a password.
    3. To have the Agent Console create the customer's Support Center password, select Generate password automatically.

      Note: When you save the new customer record, the Agent Console sends the customer's Support Center access credentials to the email address specified in the Email text entry area.

  5. In the Primary Address and Secondary Address areas, specify the customer's address information.

  6. Perform one of the following

  7. To view saved drafts of customer records, see Customizing Lists of Customers and Cases, on page 1.

Managing a Customer Record

After you create and save a customer record, you can edit the information or delete a customer record provided that you have the delete and edit permissions. Contact your Virtual Contact Center administrator administrator to inquire about your permissions.

To edit a customer record:

  1. Click Customers tab. A list of customers appears.
  2. Click one of the actions items in the list to view, edit, or delete the customer record.

  3. Select and open a customer record from the list then click Edit at the bottom of the page.

Viewing a Customer Record

When you open a customer record, you are able to view the customer details such as name and account number, as well as cases, tasks, and the history of changes made to the customer record.

Note: You can configure the columns order in cases, customers and tasks result page to have them in desired order. To change the order, select and drag the column to the desired location.


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