Logging In to the Agent Console

Perform the procedure in this topic to log in to your Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. account.

Before You Begin

Before performing the procedure in this section:

Note: Based on the configuration of your Virtual Contact CenterA contact center that enables agents to be located in different geographical locations yet managed as if they were located in the same physical location., you may receive the login information through a system generated email or from your SupervisorAn agent with the supplementary privileges required to create FAQ categories and answers, monitor agent interactions in progress, listen to recordings of previous interactions, and create reports for the agents groups they supervise. manually. The email includes User name, System Generated Password, and link to the AgentConsole.

To log in to the Agent Console:

  1. In Internet Explorer, in the Address Bar, type the URL for your Agent Console.

    Internet Explorer displays the login page.

  2. In the login page, type your username and password, then press Enter.

    Agent Console usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.

    By default, the Agent Console displays the desktop in On Break status.

    Figure 111: Agent Console, On Break status

    In On Break status, the Agent Console disables all features and tools except the Available, Work Offline, and Log Out status buttons.


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