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Using Keyboard Digit Tone Dialing

During an active call session, you can use keyboard or the Dial Pad for digit tone dialing. Dial Pad enables you to change digit tone duration. When an agent accepts a phone call, the Options menu gets activated in the control panel. The Options drop down menu includes the Dial Pad feature.

To dial digit tones using keyboard:

  1. Place the cursor focus in the phone text box.

    Figure 28: Placing focus in phone text box

  2. Enter the numbers on the keyboard. You may hear the short tone transmission.

  3. To change the digit tone duration, click Options and select Dial Pad from the drop down menu.

    OR press CTRL+X to bring up the Dial Pad.

    Figure 29: Accessing Dial Pad

  4. Check the long digit tone (Uncheck for Short tone).

    Figure 30: Using Digit Tone

  5. Input the digits or the characters using the keyboard or the Dial Pad.


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