Enhanced Awareness of Queue Status

Before transferring an interaction to a queue, agents and supervisors can now be aware if there are no eligible agents logged in to serve the queue. This may prevent agents from sending an interaction to an unattended queue. If the agent wishes to proceed with the transfer, they are warned about the non-availability of agents. With this enhancement, agents can now make sure to transfer an interaction to an attended queue and avoid abandonment by caller.

How to Set Up

In Configuration Manager, administrator has the privileges to enable or disable the option to allow agents to transfer interactions to an unattended queue. By default, it is enabled.

To change the setting:

  1. Log in to Configuration Manager.
  2. Navigate to Home > Profile.
  3. Under Miscellaneous TenantYour unique and secure contact center instance running on a 8x8 platform. You use the Configuration Manager to create and configure all aspects of your contact center's resources and operational behaviors, including groups, incoming channels, queues, agents, routing scripts, skills, monitoring, recording, and reporting. Settings, select or de-select the option to Enable transferring to queues with no working agents.

Change of behavior

This enhancement changes the following behavior for agents.


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