Getting Started
How to Use this Document
What You'll Need to Begin
What is New
Changing Password
Resetting a Forgotten Password
Logging out
Overview of Agent Console Interface
Checking Agent and Queue Status
Configuring Your Agent Profile
Configuring Agent Account Settings
Changing Your Phone Number
Formatting Telephone Number Entries
Specifying a New Phone Number
Making a Verification Phone Call
Configuring Email Options
Configuring your External CRM
External Setup
Personalizing your Agent Console
Viewing Your Queue Assignments
Recording Agent Messages
Setting Your Status
Being Busy with an Interaction in Progress
Working Offline
Taking Breaks and Other Unavailable Statuses
Working with Codes
Choosing Status Codes
Choosing Transaction Codes
Choosing Outbound Phone Codes
Overview of Processing Interactions
Overview of Interactions and Status
Managing Multiple Tasks
Processing Phone Interactions
Inbound Phone Call Flow
Overview of Agent Desktop Phone Controls
Accepting a Phone Interaction
Recording Phone Interactions
Playing Agent Recorded Messages
Adding Notes During an Interaction
Choosing Transaction Codes
Transferring a Phone Interaction to a Different Agent
Transferring a Phone Interaction to a Different Phone Queue
Making Outbound Phone Calls to External Phone Numbers
How the Agent Console Places Outbound Calls
Keyboard Dialing Digit Tones
Using Keyboard Digit Tone Dialing
Placing Outbound Calls and Choosing Outbound Phone Codes
Managing your status during Outbound Calls
Processing Outbound Campaign Calls
Rescheduling a Campaing Call
Transferring a Phone Interaction to an External Phone Number
Using Join Lines to Set Up a Conference Call
Overview of Agent Desktop Conference Calls
Adding an Agent to a Conference Call
Adding an External Party to a Conference Call
Processing Voicemail Interactions
Overview of Voicemail Transactions
Accepting a Voice Mail Interaction
Processing Chat Interactions
Overview of Chat Transactions
Inbound Chat Work Flow
Processing a Chat Interaction
Handling Multiple Chats in Agent Console
Transferring a Customer Chat to a Different Queue
Saving Chat Logs
Inserting FAQ Answers into Chat Interactions
Processing Email Interactions
Overview of Email Interactions
Inbound Email Work Flow
Accepting an Email Interaction
Responding to Emails
Transferring an Email to a Different Queue
Inserting FAQ Responses into Emails
Pulling Emails From a Queue
Deleting Emails from a Queue
Managing Cases, Customers, and Followups
CRM Landing Page
Searching for Customers or Cases
Searching for Customers
Searching for Cases
Searching for Tasks
Creating and Editing Customer Records
Creating and Editing Case Records
Creating Followups
Creating and Editing Tasks
Deleting CRM Data
Understanding Rich Text Editor
Summarizing Menu Elements of Rich Text Editor
Description - Inserting Image
Description - Inserting Hyperlink
Description - Inserting FAQ
Description - Inserting Signature
Description - Spell Checking
Creating CRM Reports
Creating a CRM Customer Report
Creating a CRM Case Report
Creating a CRM Task Report
Posting and Viewing Notification Messages
Sending a Notification Message
Viewing Notification Messages
Using the Collaborate Feature
Overview of a Collaborate Desktop Sharing Session
Before Running Collaborate For The First Time
Establishing a Collaborate Session


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