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Saving Chat Logs

At the end of a chat session, you can save the chat transcription as a chat log. If the chat is from an existing customer, the chat log is automatically associated with the customer record as a new case or follow-up.

To save a chat transcription:

  1. Click  on either the Chat window or chat Popout window.
  2. Select Save from the menu. A new case is generated for new customers.

    Note: For the existing customers, the chat transcript is saved as a follow-up case.

  3. Select Transaction Codes.
    Transaction Codes indicate the outcome of an interaction. Transaction Codes are optional or can be enforced depending on the company’s policy.
  4. Click End to end the session.
  5. Click End processing to complete the session.

    Note: If transaction codes are mandatory, you cannot end post processing until you select a code.

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