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Accepting a Voicemail Interaction

Perform the following to accept a new a voicemail interaction.

The following procedure assumes that you are assigned to an enabled voicemail queue, and that your status is available.

To accept a Voicemail interaction:

  1. In the Control panel, click Available.

    The Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. offers a voicemail interaction only to an agent assigned to an enabled voicemail queue, and whose agent status is available.

  2. When your agent telephone rings, and the Agent Console flashes the Phone tab and displays Voicemail Offered, answer your agent phone to accept the interaction.

    The Agent Console:

  3. After listening to the voicemail message, hang up your agent telephone or in the Control panel, Phone tab, click End Call.

    The Agent Console permanently deletes the voicemail message. If you did not press 1 to send a copy of the voicemail message to your email address, the message is permanently lost.

  4. Click End Post Processing to make your status Available, or click Work Offline if you need more than the allocated time to complete any post processing tasks.


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