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Accepting a Phone Interaction

You are ready to process new interactions when you change your status to Available. Interactions waiting to be served in the queue you are enabled to handle, are offered to you. For an overview of an inbound call flow, refer to Inbound Phone Call Flow.

shows the Control panel tools to accept a phone interaction.

To accept an inbound phone interaction:

  1. In the Control panel, change your status to Available.

    The Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. offers new phone interactions only to available agents assigned to an enabled phone queue.

  2. When your agent telephone rings, answer the call.

    Your status changes to Busy.

    If the Local CRM uses the caller's phone number to identify an existing customer, the Display Panel pops the customer's CRM record.

    Note: Your contact center administrator determines the event that triggers a screen pop. Based on the configuration, screen pop may occur before and/or after accepting an interaction, and/or after completing an interaction.

  3. Process the call.
  4. If required, select transaction codes before ending the call.
  5. Click End Call in the Control Panel to initiate the post-processing countdown timer. Your status changes to Post Processing.

    If the post-processing countdown interval reaches zero, the Agent Console automatically sets your status to Available.

  6. Click End Post Processing to make your status Available or click Work Offline if you need more time to complete any post processing tasks.


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