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Creating a CRM Task Report

You can extract specific task information by generating customized task reports. Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. allows you to create a custom task report in just three simple steps using a wizard. The reporting wizard allows you to select the specific data you wish to report on. For example, you can generate a report to summarize the tasks generated in a particular month.

To generate a report for tasks:

  1. Log in to Agent Console and navigate to Tasks tab.

  2. Click Report link in the header area.

  3. Click New Report link in the Tasks Reports page.

    Figure 80: Generating Task Report

    Note: To edit an existing report, select the report from the drop down list of Task Reports and click Edit.

  4. Enter a report title, specify a layout, and select the fields to include in the report.

    Figure 81: Generating Task Report - Step 1

  5. Apply filters by specific fields to further customize your report data and click Next.

    Figure 82: Generating Task Report - Step 2

  6. Specify the order to sort data in the report.

    Figure 83: Generating Task Report - Step 3

  7. Click Save and Run to generate the report.

    Figure 84: Sample Task Report

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