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Creating and Editing Tasks

A Task refers to a call, an email, a meeting, a chat or any other type of contact made with a customer. A task organizes and helps you track all interactions associated with a customer. The task object serves to create, and manage all tasks you plan to perform or have performed, such as making calls or sending mails. If your contact center is configured to generate auto logs for interactions,Virtual Contact CenterA contact center that enables agents to be located in different geographical locations yet managed as if they were located in the same physical location. converts these logs to task records and associates them to relevant cases and customers. For example, A call log or a chat log generated on terminating an interaction is saved as a task.

You can create independent tasks to schedule a phone call to a customer, and set a reminder. A reminder pops up a few minutes before the scheduled call.


Creating a Task

You can create a task two ways:

To create an independent task:

  1. Click Tasks tab.

    A list of your open tasks shows by default.

  2. Click the New Task link.

    Figure 55: Create New Task

    Search and open a customer record, and click Create under the Task section.

  3. Enter the details of a task. The task fields are customizable in your CRM. You may create custom fields, or edit the existing fields.
    1. Status: When you create a task, assign a status to indicate how the task progresses.

      Note: Pick list values are customizable.

    2. Phone: Optionally, enter the phone number of the customer.
    3. Media Type: Refers to the media of a task such as phone, email, chat, or voicemail.
    4. Due Date: Select a date to complete the task using the calendar. This enables a reminder. You can check the reminder option to automatically generate a reminder.
    5. Assigned To: By default, the task is assigned to the agent who creates it. To assign it to another user, select a user from the drop down list. You can assign a task to a single user only.
    6. Email: Optionally, enter the email address of the contact.
    7. Call Type: inbound, outbound, and Direct Agent AccessIn an IVR script, direct agent access permits a caller to reach an agent directly rather than through skills-based routing logic..
    8. Subject: Enter a subject or short description of the task.
    9. Description: A note describing the task.
    10. Enable Reminder: Optionally, check the box to set a reminder on the task. This option is enabled only if you specify a due date.
  4. Click the Customers list link to associate it with an existing customer.
  5. Click Save.

    You have created a task successfully. If you enabled a reminder, a reminder pops up at the specified time interval before the scheduled call.

    Figure 56: Task Reminder Pop-up window

  6. Click the Scheduled Call to view the task details and the associated customer record. The reminder continues to pop until the task is completed, or dismissed.

To create a task for an existing customer:

  1. Open a customer record and scroll down to the Tasks area.
  2. Click the New Task link.

    Figure 57: Create a task for a customer

  3. Enter the desired attributes to the new task.

    Note that the task is associated with the customer.

  4. Save the task.

Managing a Task

After you create and save a task, you can edit the information or delete a task record provided that you have the delete and edit permissions. Contact your Virtual Contact Center administrator to inquire about your permissions.

To edit a task:

  1. Click Tasks tab. A list of tasks appears.
  2. Click one of the actions items to view, edit, or delete the customer record.

  3. Select and open a task record from the list by clicking the task number. Click Edit at the bottom of the page.

Viewing a Task History

You can view task record details including the changes a task has gone through since its creation.

Listing Tasks of a Customer

You can list all tasks pertaining to a customer record.

To list all tasks:

  1. Navigate to a customer record and click the triangle next to Tasks. in The tasks area expands showing all the tasks associated with the customer.

    Figure 58: Listing Tasks of a customer

    A list of tasks associated with the customer record shows. Click on any record to view the task details.

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