Setting up Channels for Data Look up

During inbound phone/chat interactions, Virtual Contact Center looks up matching records in the Zendesk database based on:

Note: Virtual Contact Center supports searching by arbitrary data with customization.

Customer Records Search Type

Search the customers records by:

Inbound Interaction Flow

Calls flowing into Virtual Contact Center queues are offered to agents in available state. The call flow varies based on the search type and search results.

On ending the call, the agent gets post processing time for a final wrap up before the call terminates.  If codes are mandatory, the call stays in post processing mode until codes are selected. At the end of post processing, Virtual Contact Center updates the ticket with the call log details automatically.

Note: If the search is based on ticket ID, the ticket status controls the behavior.
If the ticket is open, new, or pending, the agent gets a screen pop of the ticket and the call log associates with this ticket.
If the ticket is closed, the screen pop does not occur during a chat. The screen pop of the closed ticket occurs during a phone call. On ending the call/chat, Zendesk creates a new ticket and associates the call log with this ticket.

The sequence of events in an inbound call flow may be represented as follows:

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