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Configuring NetSuite Integration for Individual System Sign-On

Configuring NetSuite integration for Individual System Sign-On involves:

Defining Screen Pop Settings

To enable CRM integration for a tenant, you need to define the screen pop settings

in the Configuration Manager. The configuration requires you to select a target CRM, specify events that trigger screen population of CRM records, and specify popup window properties in the Configuration Manager. An agent must then save the login credentials of the external CRM account in the agent’s profile.  Integration enables searching for records containing phone data matching caller ID, and pops up the corresponding record(s) for specific events.

The events triggering a screen pop may be one or all of the followings:

Due to security compliance with NetSuite, the integration does not support iFraming. This warrants setting up screen pop in a separate browser window. This can be configured by both:

To define screen pop settings for NetSuite:

  1. Navigate to Integration > Screen Pop tab in the Configuration Manager.
  2. Select Enable Screen Pop check box.
  3. Select NetSuite as your Target Type.
  4. Enter the Account information. The Account refers to your NetSuite account ID accessible to you if you are an administrator, for example: QSDERF115234.

  5. Select Enable Customization.
    This option instructs a tenant to execute a custom XML script for NetSuite integration. If customization is enabled, the Script URL must contain a valid URL that points to the location of the custom script. Once the Script URL is specified and the screen pop page is saved, all features and functionality of the standard integration are replaced with the custom functionality. Agents see the changes with their next login.
  6. Define the attributes for Landing Pages.  A Landing Page refers to the opening page of NetSuite when you log in to Agent Console. Virtual Contact Center offers a custom tab and an 8x8 CRM tab:
  1. Define events that trigger screen pop for a transaction:
    1. When an agent is offered transaction
    2. When an agent accepts transaction
    3. When an agent ends transaction
  1. Under Window Properties, check the option to open a new window for screenpop, and specify its size and position.

    Note: Failing to check this option results in an error while launching NetSuite from Agent Console. For security reasons, NetSuite does not support display within the iFrame.

Note: The configuration of Screen Pop window properties may be controlled by agents from the Agent Console if the administrator extends this capability to agents.

  1. Save your configuration settings.
  2. With the screen pop configuration in the Configuration Manager complete, you are now ready to set up the Agent Console for integration.

Agents already logged in have to log out and log back in to benefit from the configuration change.

Enabling Agent Accounts for Integration

An agent has to save the NetSuite account username and password in the profile for accessing the integrated Agent Console.

To set up external CRM properties in the agent’s profile:

  1. Log in to your Agent Console, and navigate to My Profile.
  2. Scroll down to the External Setup.
    The External Setup provides three tabs:

  3. Enter your NetSuite account login ID and password in the Authentication   tab.

Note: If your external password contains special characters, the integration fails. Please reset the NetSuite account password to exclude any special character.

  1. In the Screen Properties tab, check the option to open a new window for screen pop.
  2. Click the Window Properties tab to view or redefine the Screen Pop window properties.
  3. Save your settings. You are automatically signed into your NetSuite account.

Based on the settings, when an incoming call, or chat, or an email is offered/accepted/completed, the matching record/s pop in the NetSuite browser instance.

Note: For a smoother call flow, Virtual Contact Center offers Click-to-Dial API, which allows you to click hyperlinked phone numbers in CRM records to initiate outbound calls from the native NetSuite interface. This eliminates the need to enter an outbound phone number in the Agent Console Control Panel.  Click here to learn how to set up Click to Dial functionality.


Virtual Contact Center’s standard integration can be extended and customized to suit your needs. To discuss your customization needs, contact our Professional Services at [email protected]



Possible Causes


External Username/Password is empty or incorrect.


The External Password value in the Agent Console profile contains special characters.

  1. Reset the NetSuite account password to exclude special characters.
  2. Enter the reset password as the External Password in the Agent Console profile.

The NetSuite user role is denied access to web services.

  1. Contact your NetSuite Administrator to grant access to web services to the role.
  2. Check Appendix for details.




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