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8x8 Co-browsing allows customer support agents to assist customers remotely via a shared browser. With Co-browsing, you can empower a website or any browser based application, and offer live, hands-on assistance to customers. A customer in need of assistance must initiate the remote session, generate a unique session code, communicate it to an agent via phone or chat. The agent then uses the code to establish a remote session. Co-browsing session co-exists with a call or a chat for communicating the session code.

In release 1.1 of Co-browsing, we have introduced three Co-browsing modes.

What are the Co-browsing Modes?

With Co-browsing modes, you can limit the extent to which agents can assist customers remotely. Co-browsing can be enabled in one of following three modes:

- We cannot prevent agents from controlling form elements that are not native to the browser, such as html drop down.
- The highlighter works in all modes.

Use Case

The following example demonstrates how a given website can be empowered with 8x8 Co-browsing.

Let us review an example of a travel company website visited by customers wanting to book their dream vacations. The website offers many travel packages and options to choose from. It requires customers to identify themselves by filling in a form. The travel site wants to offer remote, hands-on assistance to the website visitors. To enable live, hands-on assistance, the travel company should use 8x8 The Co-browsing feature allows website visitors to initiate a remote session with the customer support agent and get hands-on assistance remotely. If a customer traversing through this website seeks hands-on assistance, he can initiate a remote session with a customer support agent in a few clicks. Click on a help link on the web page to generate a code. Communicate this code to the representative. The representative uses this code to establish a two-way hands on co-browsing session.

How do I Enable Co-browsing on a Website?

To enable 8x8 Co-browsing on your website, you must first purchase a co-browsing license from 8x8, then configure your website. Enabling 8x8 Co-browsing on your website involves the following tasks.

Save these changes to the web page. With this, you have enabled your web page with co-browsing capability.

Note: Check out our video on 8x8 Co-browsing feature.


The Custom CSS can be set using the mechanism below.

The Co-browse style can be customized by submitting a custom CSS file path that will be loaded in the page and can override any default style.

Someone may want to customize the Customer side Co-browsing strings. Basically, the strings that are contained in the popup that is displayed to start a new session.

In order to customize any or all strings, it is required to add the following code snippet just above the Co-browse code snippet. Note that you can only re-define the strings you want to change, there is no need to add strings that will remain the same.

The strings that can be customized are listed below:

The two parts that can be customized are the following:


How to Enable Co-browsing for Agents?

Agents play a second role in establishing a remote session. A customer initiates a request for a session by generating and communicating a session code, while the agent uses the code to establish a session.


How to Handle a Co-browsing Session?

Co-browsing is initiated by customers seeking assistance. Let's walk through this process on a travel website from the customer's perspective.

  1. While browsing through the website, initiate a call or chat with the customer support agent.
  2. On the web page, click on the help link shown in the header.
  3. A pop-up window appears prompting you to start a remote session by generating a code.
  4. Click Start to generate a session code.
  5. Communicate this code to the agent via phone or chat.
  6. The agent can use the URL or Agent Console and use the code to establish the session.
  7. Now agent can guide the customer with navigation on the website or offer hands-on assistance.
  8. Agent can enable auto-fit to automatically scale the view to fit customer's browser view settings. The co-browsing mode is also displayed here.
  9. Agents can highlight content on web pages and call out information to customers during co-browsing.
  10. You can co-fill any required form on the website keeping sensitive information secure.
  11. To stop the co-browsing session, click on the help link again and click Stop in the pop-up window.
    It shows the status disconnected.

Customizing the Co-browse style

You can customize the visual layout of the Co-browsing pop up windows by setting up a custom CSS.

Using the GET request method

The Co-browse style can be customized by submitting a custom CSS file path that will be loaded in the page and can override any default style.

The following two windows can be customized using the CSS:

The pop-up that is shown in the Customer side

And the Agent side

Co-browsing with Configuration Manager

In this release, we enable 8x8 Co-browsing in Configuration Manager.This offers Virtual Contact Center customers using Configuration Manager to seek hands-on assistance from 8x8 customer support or deployment team. Let us assume you are on a phone call with 8x8 customer support agent seeking assistance for configuring your tenant.

To initiate a co-browsing session from Configuration Manager:


  1. Log in to Configuration Manager.
  2. From the header bar, click on Co-browsing link.
  3. In the pop-up window, generate a code that helps you initiate a secure connection with the customer support agent.
  4. Communicate the code you just generated to the agent.


While processing the phone interaction with the customer, the agent selects Co-browsing option from the Window menu. This triggers a new browser window prompting for the code. Enter the code received from the customer to initiate co-browsing. The agent can now view the Configuration Manager session open by customer. The agent can not only co-browse, but observe the mouse movements and events of customer, and offer hands-on assistance if needed. The session also respects the browser size set by the customer. Both parties can observe each others mouse movements and events.


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