Enabling Screen Pop in CM

To enable Screen Pop:

  1. In Configuration Manager, navigate to Integration tab from the Navigation menu.
  2. Go to Screen Pop.

  3. Select NetSuite.
  4. Select SSO for the Integration Type.

    Note: Once you change the integration type to SSO, it cannot be reversed.

  1. Enter the Account number.

    Note:  To locate the account number go to Setup->Integration->Web Service Preferences.

  1. Under Single Sign On, enter the Customer Key. The customer key is the same as the SuiteSignOn Consumer Key.

    Note: The Consumer Key can be located on the NetSuite site and under Setup > Integration > SuiteSignOn. Click VCC SSO from the list to see the Consumer Key.

  1. For Secret, enter the same password (Shared Secret) you had for Suite Sign On in Creating 8x8 VCC Portlet.
  2. Click Save.



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